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Forms & Schedules

Our list of supported forms is constantly changing as the different agencies add new forms and change existing ones. The following list of forms are currently supported.

US 1040 EIC: Earned Income Credit
US 1040 EZ: Form 1040 EZ
US 1040 NR: Non-Resident Income Tax Return
US 1040: Individual Income Tax Return
US 1040 SCH A: Itemized Deductions
US 1040 SCH B: Interest & Dividend Income
US 1040-ES: Individual Declaration of Estimated Tax
US 1040-V: Individual Return Payment Voucher
US 1040A: Individual Income Tax Return - Short Form
US 1040A SCH1: Interest and Dividends for Form 1040A Filers
US 1040A SCH2: Child and Dependent Care Expense for Form 1040A Filers
US 1040A SCH3: Credit for Elderly or Disabled for 1040A Filers
US 1040 SCH C: Profit or Loss From Business
US 1040 SCH CEZ: Net Profit From Business
US 1040 SCH D: Capital Gains/Losses
US 1040 SCH E: Supplemental Income Schedule
US 1040 SCH F: Farm Income & Expenses
US 1040 SCH H: Household Employment Taxes
US 1040 SCH J: Farm Income Averaging
US 1040 SCH R: Credit for the Elderly or for the Disabled for 1040A Filers
US 1040 SCH SE: Self-Employment Tax
US 1040X: Amended Individual Income Tax Return
US 1045: Application for Tentative Refund
US 1116: Foreign Tax Credit
US 1310: Refund Due A Deceased Taxpayer
US 2106: Employee Business Expenses
US 2106EZ: Employee Business Expenses
US 2210 F: Underpayment of Tax by Farmers & Fishermen
US 2210: Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals
US 2350: Foreign Income Exclusion Extension
US 2439: Undistributed Long Term Capital Gains
US 2441: Child & Dependent Care Credit
US 2555: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
US 2555EZ: Foreign Earnings Exclusion
US 2688: Application for Additional Extension of Time to File
US 2848: Power Of Attorney & Declaration of Representative
US 3468: Investment Credit
US 3800: General Business Credits
US 3903: Moving Expenses
US 4136: Gasoline and Fuel Credit
US 4137: Social Security Tax on Unreported Tip Income
US 4255: Recapture of Investment Credit
US 4562: Depreciation & Amortization
US 4563: Exclusion for American Samoa Residents
US 4684: Casualty & Theft
US 4797: Sales or Business Property
US 4835: Farm Rental Income and Expenses
US 4852: Substitute Form W-2 or 1099-R
US 4868: Automatic Extension of Time to File
US 4952: Investment Interest Expense
US 4970: Tax on Accumulation Distribution of Trusts
US 4972: Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions
US 5074: Allocation of Income Tax to Guam, CNMI
US 5329: Return for IRA & Qualified Retirement Plans
US 5884: Jobs Credit
US 6198: At Risk Limitations
US 6251: Alternative Minimum Tax - Individuals
US 6252: Installment Sale Income
US 6478: Credit for Alcohol used as Fuel
US 6765: Credit for Increasing Research Activities
US 6781: Gain/Loss from Section 1256 Contracts & Straddles
US 8082: Notice of Inconsistent Treatment
US 8271: Investor Reporting of Tax Shelter Registration Number
US 8275: Disclosure Statement
US 8275R: Regulation Disclosure Statement
US 8283: Noncash Contributions
US 8332: Release of Claim to Exemption for Child
US 8379: Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation
US 8396: Mortgage Interest Credit
US 8453: Declaration for Electronic Filing
US 8582: Passive Activity Loss Limitations
US 8582 AMT: AMT Passive Activity Losses
US 8582-CR: Passive Activity Credit Limitations
US 8586: Low-Income Housing Credit
US 8594: Asset Acquisition Statement
US 8606: Nondeductible IRAs Contributions, Distributions, Basis
US 8609: Low-Income Housing Credit
US 8609 SCH A: Low-Income Housing Annual Statement
US 8611: Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit
US 8615: Computation of Tax for Children Under Age 14 Who Have Investment Income of More Than $1,400
US 8689: Allocation of Tax to Virgin Islands
US 8801: Credit for Prior Year Alternative Minimum Tax
US 8812: Additional Child Tax Credit
US 8814: Election to Report Child's Interest & Dividends
US 8815: Exclusion of Interest from Series EE Savings Bonds Issued After 1989
US 8820: Orphan Drug Credit
US 8822: Change of Address
US 8824: Like-Kind Exchanges
US 8826: Disabled Access Credit
US 8828: Recapture of Federal Mortgage Subsidy
US 8829: Expenses for Business use of Your Home
US 8830: Enhanced Oil Recovery Credit
US 8834: Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit
US 8835: Renewable Electricity Credit
US 8839: Qualified Adoption Expenses
US 8844: Empowerment Zone Employment Credit
US 8845: Indian Employment Credit
US 8846: Employer SS and Medicare Taxes Paid
US 8847: Credit for Contribution to Community Development Corporation
US 8853: Medical Savings Accounts
US 8857: Request for Innocent Spouse Relief
US 8859: District of Columbia-First Time Homebuyer's
US 8861: Welfare-to-Work Credit
US 8862: Application to be Reinstated/Reconsidered for EITC Credit
US 8863: Education Credits
US 8866: Interest Comp Income Forecast Method
US 8867: Paid Preparer's Earned Income Credit Checklist
US 9325: General Info for Taxpayers who E-File*
US 9465: Installment Agreement Request
US W2: Wage and Tax Statement
US W2G: Certain Gambling Winnings
US 1099G WKT: Unemployment Benefits, Fed/ST Withholding
US 1099 MISC: Miscellaneous Income Statement
US 1099R: Pension, Annuity, IRA Income
US W-4 PLANNER: Employee Withholding Certificate & Planner
US W7: App for IRS Individual Taxpayer ID No.

*This form does not display on the menu because the form is not added to a return; the print control is in Setup Options.