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TCOA Software Features

• Prepare returns without a mouse by using quick keyboard shortcuts or use the mouse to take advantage of toolbar buttons and right-click pop-up menus.
• "Link" to supporting forms from each line of the 1040 form OR open forms directly from the "Find a Form" screen.
• Easily adjust the size of on-screen form text
• Pre-load most commonly used forms and preferences so you only have to do it once.
• E-file one return at a time OR multiple returns of all types together federal, state, and requests for extension.

Instant Error Checking
• Keystroke-by-keystroke
• Entry-by-entry
• Entire return

Color Coding
• Required entries, incomplete forms and incomplete returns are highlighted with red. When you "get the red out", the return is complete and ready to print and e-file.
• Yellow entries are calculated from information on supporting forms. You can't type directly in a calculated entry or delete the calculated value unless you override the calculation.
• Green entries are non-calculated. You can type data directly in these entries

Real-Time Calculations
Calculations are made instantly with every entry. There are no extra buttons to push, no need to wait for a lengthy "re-calc" process. You enter data only once. Data flows automatically from supporting forms to the primary form...and from federal forms to state forms.

Forms-Based Data Entry
Our on-screen forms are instantly familiar because they are replicas of the paper IRS forms. It's easy to see what the form will look like when printed and a cinch to teach your staff how to use the program

Customized Forms List
Simplify tax prep by removing seldom or never-used forms from the forms list. "Use Private Forms" enables you to customize the Find a Form screen to suit your tax practice. Our software includes pre-defined short lists for 1040EZ and 1040A returns. If you later need a form not on your private list, simply click "Show all forms."

Comprehensive Diagnostics
• SSN verification - You're warned of inconsistency between date of issuance and birth date.
• Warnings of possible inconsistencies in tax information
• A list of overridden entries
• Electronic filing errors -The red text is a hyperlink to the form that needs correction.
• A summary of the return, including forms to be filed, AGI, tax, refund or balance due
Online Help
• Help is just a hotkey away!
• Press F1 and help pops up.
We've even included
• Business Codes
• Amortization Codes
• W2 Codes
• 1099 Codes
Open IRS instructions by pressing Shift+F1 while a tax form is open. This gives you the IRS instructions exactly as provided by the IRS Time Savers
• Picklists - Press the Space Bar for a picklist of IRS-acceptable data for specific entries such as dependent relationship (shown at right) and depreciation method.
• Zip Code Locator - Fill in the city and state automatically when you type in the zip code.
• EIN Database - Each time you enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN), name, and address of an employer, the software remembers! The next time you enter the EIN, the employer's name and address automatically fill in. Applies to forms W-2, 1099-R and 2441.

Management Reports
Use one of our standard reports or create your own. Our open database compliant (ODBC) format allows you to track returns and analyze data using spreadsheets and reports you create with software such as:
o Crystal Reports™
o Microsoft® Access
o Microsoft® Excel•

Database Features
• Track Return Status - Track the status of your returns from your own computer. How many times have you been in the middle of a return and another customer calls in for an update? With our software, you can quickly check the status of any return without leaving the return you are currently working on.
• Automatic Updates - Your database is updated every time you connect to our Electronic Filing Center.
• ODBC Compliant - Database information can be used directly by database, spreadsheet, and report writing applications such as Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel, or Crystal Reports™.

Security Manager
Restrict access to critical tasks such as transmitting returns and check printing with Security Manager.You control which actions each person in your office can perform.In addition, each preparer's returns can be password-protected for security. The administrator has access to all passwords in case a password is forgotten.

Conversion Software
Don't worry about losing all your client data when you switch to our software. Conversion software is available for most tax packages.
Tax Estimator
In minutes you can:
• Estimate a client's tax liability or refund amount.
• Process RAL clients with simple returns.
• No need to re-key basic data because it carries to the 1040 section from the Estimator. The Estimator is purchased separately.

3 year Summary
The Summary compiles data from the client's current return and two previous returns for comparison. Includes gross income, AGI, itemized deductions (with comparison to national averages), exemptions, credits, tax paid and refunds.

Client Organizer
Retrieves a client's 1040 data from the previous year and prints an information packet with blank spaces for the current year's data. It's a 'get organized' tool for your client and a direct-mail promotion for your tax office.

W-4 Planner
• Help your clients avoid a balance due by estimating next year's tax and adjusting withholding.
• Print a W-4 form your clients may submit to employers to change withholding status, amounts and exemptions.

Carry Forward of Prior Year Data
• Copy relevant client data from last year's return into the current return, saving time and keystrokes. Bring forward taxpayer name, address, dependents, Depreciation Worksheets, capital loss carryovers, and other amounts.
• Tax form defaults can also be carried forward from year to year so you don't have to re-type information such as your name, firm name, address, and phone

Custom Client Letters
Print a letter containing data from your client's return. Choose a standard letter from the templates provided, or customize the text and create your own template.

Automatic Billing
Calculate your fees on the basis of:
• Time working in the return, or
• Number and type of forms and worksheets, or
• Both time and forms.
• Easily adjust the amount billed by a dollar amount or percentage of the total.
• Print the invoice with the return

Calculate up to 9 states per 1040 return